Continuing Education Workshops. July 4-6, 2003.

Materials Applications in Today's Creative Environment
An in depth understanding of available materials and how they can be used. Combining the traditional with the non traditional. We will look at materials from steel to resin, from patina to dye finishes, and from simple shape to the ornate. This will include a hands on study for those attending workshops at our Arlington facility. A 4 hour course covering a large cross-section of material possibilities and transforming that media into practical design applications.

3D Applications of Materials
A look at indoor and outdoor applications using materials discussed in Course 1. We will discuss how to pull out a concept and transform it into a visually stimulating compliment to your design. Architects will be asked to bring a concept in which we will demonstrate how we arrive at a final product determined by materials to be used, practicality of design, and budget allowed. This 4 hour course will cover all aspects of interior/exterior possibilities discussing impact and practicality.

The Lost Art
Materials used as early as the 1300’s will be explored from gilding to glass chipping and how it can be applied to both exterior and interior products. We will discuss the advancements of paint, special effects lighting, optional materials not commonly used and how all of these materials can be combined to create visually stimulating, long lasting additions to compliment design.This 4 hour discussion includes art history applications, what worked and didn’t work with answers using materials found today. As revitalization of urban areas becomes popular, traditional design and fabrication become even more important.

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Sanctioned by The American Institute of Architects.